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Envira-Mech Services Ltd are able to survey, design, install and maintain your Air Conditioning requirements.

We have many years experience dealing with all types of cooling application and environment.

We have an established supply chain with all major manufactures and can provide the latest low energy equipment and competitive cost to meet both budget and carbon footprint requirements.

We are registered to work with all types of refrigeration gases, have fully trained engineering staff, and are approved installers of most manufacturers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help.

I have a huge amount of confidence in Envira-Mech engineers after their fantastic work at Penzance. They’ve been highly recommended by the team at Weston Rail Services to work across any of their other sites.

Tom - Weston Rail

Typical systems

Split air conditioning

This type of system which comprises of an indoor wall or ceiling mounted unit recirculating the air in the room, is one of the most familiar. The indoor unit being linked to an outdoor condenser via insulated pipework will cool or heat the room to your requirements. It cools by removing heat from the room and dissipating to atmosphere through the condenser. When heat is required the condenser takes heat from outdoors and transfers it through the indoor unit.

Multi-split air conditioning

This type of system enables a single outdoor condenser to control a number of indoor units therefore minimizing the outdoor space required for multiple condensers.

VRF systems

The most modern development of “split systems” are Variable Refrigerant Flow systems. This type of system enables up to 50 indoor units to be connected to a single condenser. The condenser will act proportionately to the indoor units therefore allowing them to be controlled separately. This system gives you the ability to allow people within the same area or building to modify the temperatures to their requirements thus creating a comfortable environment.

What is Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems are designed for the removal of heat from an indoor space and to re-heat a space when required thus providing a consistent room temperature.

Air Conditioning can form part of other Mechanical Ventilation , Heating and building control systems thus allowing individual temperature control.

An Air Conditioning system uses a refrigeration based machine to stabilise and control both air temperature and humidity to a specific area, the refrigeration cycle can be used to generate both cooling and heating.

Why have Air Conditioning?

Many studies have been carried to try and determine the ideal working conditions on offices and the retail sector. Temperatures that are not between 16° and 24°C can cause stress levels to rise and therefore a decrease in productivity. Higher rates of sickness and low morale can also be caused by poor air quality. This can be prevented by good quality air conditioning systems and units.


Spectrum Building​

  • VRV Air Conditioning and ventilation

Envira-mech Services Have just completed the third contract working with main contractor Lancer Scot to refurbish the Second floor of this unique building located at the entrance to the central Bristol area.

  • Contract value £496,000.00
  • Bristol

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