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Comfort cooling and air conditioning

Envira-Mech Services Ltd can provide the total Air Conditioning Solution, as part of our complete service we will provide a free site survey and calculations to ascertain your cooling requirements.

We’ll enable you to maintain a controlled energy efficient environment that optimises the performance of your employees, relaxes your customers and extends the life of your newly installed system.

Our promise is to deliver on time, within budget, to most exacting design parameters; to work to the maximum benefit of your organisation, your staff and your customers at installation and beyond.

The majority of the equipment installed falls within the Government Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme, thus allowing organisations to claim all of their tax allowances against such items in the first year. This is one of the many initiatives intended to reduce the UK`s carbon emissions.

Some of our client base include, Retail, Education, Health, Leisure, Commercial, Office, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Telecoms.

We have well established supply chain agreements with, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin UK, Toshiba UK, Sanyo and Fujitsu.

DCR the University of Bristols Main contractor chose a good sub-contractor to complete the work. Envira-Mech Services do a lot of work for the University and know what is required. Bruce who was looking after the work on site takes a pride in his work and enjoys a challenge! Steve Hasell who was supervising the work on Behalf of Envira-Mech always provides an excellent service and tries really hard to make sure that the work is completed successfully.

Doug Wheeler - Consulting Engineer, Bristol University

Close control cooling

Close control systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of high electronic loads and sensitive materials, which generate a dryer heat than typical comfort cooling environments, require year round 24 hour cooling or are sensitive to differences in temperature, the majority of close control systems are installed into main computer rooms or process equipment rooms.

Envira-Mech Services Ltd have many years experience with regards to the design and installation of said equipment and understand the unique challenges that these environments require.

Heat recovery systems

Heat Recovery can be provided through both ventilation and cooling/heating systems, the concept of providing free heating or cooling is not a new one however it’s a technology that is available and is used within the design of the majority of all Mechanical systems now installed.

Envira-Mech Services Ltd have installed this type of system within Hotels, offices and Residential property, it presents a cost efficient solution to pre-heating either water or air based systems and meets Government Part L Building regulations.

Air to water heat pump systems

This type of system is now readily used to heat & cool water and is seen as an alternative to using the conventional LTHW & CWS systems on Air Handling and process equipment.

Air to water heat pumps use electricity and produce a very high C.O.P thus providing the client with an energy efficient solution and a direct replacement to an existing heating system.

Ventilation and extraction systems

Envira-Mech Services Ltd have the capability to design and install both supply and extraction systems to all types of environment, all designs comply with DW144 and use the latest technology to provide clean fully filtered and heat/cool recovery air.

We have Supply chain agreements with most suppliers providing us with a vast range and type of system to suit most applications.

Recent projects include, Car park ventilation Bristol, Catering & Kitchen extraction systems, Cookpad & EE, and specialist Lab extraction at the National Composites Centre for the University of Bristol .

Energy efficiency

Envira-Mech Services Ltd are committed to ensuring that each new project is considered with regards to both the clients needs and government legislation.

We have experience and provide a wide range of high efficiency equipment to cool, heat and provide ventilation to all types of application.

These include:
• Air to water heat pumps
• Solar Hot water systems
• Heat Recovery Ventilation
• Heat Recovery Air Conditioning

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The government has announced an incentive to encourage the use of environmentally friendlier heating equipment. Currently, Phase 1 of the scheme targets the non-domestic sector and includes support for ground and water source heat pumps.Air source heat pumps are not currently included but are expected to be included in Phase 2 of the renewable heat incentive.

Renewable Heat Premium Payments

While Phase 1 of the RHI does not include domestic applications the government has introduced a 15 million pound fund to allocate payments to households that install/use renewable heat. This is to include air source heat pumps.

More details on both these schemes are to be introduced by summer 2011.

Our Services

Mechanical heating and plumbing

As part of a total turnkey service Envira-Mech Services Ltd offer all aspects of Mechanical Installation, this extends to replacement heating systems, general plumbing and above ground drainage and sanitary systems.

A large part of any building refurbishment will include Mechanical Services and we have trained engineering fitters and plumbers to meet your requirements.

Associated electrical and control

We see Mechanical electrical Services and controls wiring as part of our services, the company has trained and qualified electricians, we also provide specialist controls engineers when required.

Micro generation

Micro generation is the generation of zero or low-carbon heat and power by individuals, to meet there own needs.

At Envira-Mech Services Ltd we can assist in the design and installation of different types of technologies including- Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal Heating, Solar Photovoltaic systems and small wind Turbines.

Mechanical / Air conditioning

From October 2008 it has been a legal requirement for many public buildings throughout England and Wales to display an Energy Certificate (DEC) The Display Energy Certificate rates the actual energy usage of the building by assessing energy consumption over a period of 12 months.

Envira-Mech Services Ltd have a qualified Air Conditioning Inspector to comply CIBSE TM44 and we can provide cost to carry out Air Conditioning surveys, identifying inefficient and damaged equipment and replacement Refrigerant gases requirements.


Royal Photographic Society

  • CAT A Mechanical fit

Envria-Mech Services Ltd have completed and new CAT A Mechanical fit out at the RPS TV Building at The Paint Works Bristol. The RPS selected this unique building located within a newly constructed urban development including both residential and business occupation.

  • Contract value £386,000.00
  • Bristol

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